The entire wedding planning process can be overwhelming, don't let your wedding stationery be a part of that! We've gathered some of the most asked questions below to help you along the process and get you started in your journey with us.


Where can I find pricing for save the dates, invitations, and more?"

For your convenience, pricing and details are right on the website! Browse through each wedding stationery collection page to find a design you love. Click on the item you wish to purchase, then choose your options from the dropdown menu. Pricing will update at the top of the listing.

When should I order my Wedding Suite?

Digitally printed wedding invitations and save the dates should be ordered at least six to eight weeks before you need them in hand.

For foil or letterpress wedding invitations and save the dates, order at least ten to twelve weeks before you need them in hand.

Can I add a custom venue painting or drawing to any suite?

Absolutely! The photos of our suites and save the dates on the website show the suites in their most basic form. From that point, we love for you to customize your suite with artwork. You can add a watercolor to your save the date, or a drawing to your invitation. You can also add envelope liners to your order from our embellishments section, and have us place custom artwork on those!

When should I place my order for Save the Dates?

Typically we advise our clients to mail save the dates 6-8 months out, but sometimes 10-12 months out if the majority of guests are required to travel by air. If you plan to digitally print your save the dates, you can place your order a month before you need them in-hand*. If you plan to letterpress or foil your save the dates, you’ll need to place your order 6-8 weeks before needing them in-hand*. In-hand means they deliver to you at that point. Remember to pillow in some time after they deliver to you for addressing (if you are not ordering guest address printing from us), stuffing, stamping, and mailing.

*If you plan to order custom artwork or a custom monogram with your save the date, remember this will add 3-4 weeks to the standard 7 business day proofing time.

After ordering, what will the process to look like from that point?"

Once your order is placed, we get started immediately! If you did not order custom artwork (a watercolor, drawing, or custom monogram), you’ll receive an emailed proof of the pieces you ordered within 7 business days, starting the business day after your order is placed. If you did order custom artwork with your paper pieces, 3-4 additional weeks will be needed to create that artwork.

When do I order paper for the wedding day or paper for the wedding weekend?

You’ll order these pieces (programs, menus, tags, table numbers,, escort cards, etc) three weeks to a month before the wedding when you have your final text ready and approved for these pieces.


How do I know how many suites or save the dates to order?

Remember that many of your guests live together because they are married. You’ll want to count households, not heads, when deciding how many to order. We sell our suites and save the dates in increments of 25, starting at 50. We ALWAYS recommend ordering extra suites so you have a clean copy for photography on your wedding day, several clean suites for keepsakes, and of course one to frame for yourself! So if you need to mail 105 suites, go ahead and place an order for 125. You won’t regret this, and we promise, you’ll be adding more to that 105 being mailed.

Can I mix printing methods and paper options within my suite?

For quality control, any pieces that mail together are the same printing process and paper choice. This guarantees that the ink color is the same throughout the mailed pieces, and the paper is cohesive. We do allow clients to select one print method for save the dates, and another for their wedding suite. For example, most of our letterpress wedding suite clients mail digitally printed save the dates for budget and timeline purposes. But if you’re ordering a letterpress single ply paper invitation, then your response card and envelopes will be letterpress as well so your ink matches.


    The paper process can be overwhelming, but also so exciting! We have made our process as easy as possible, and our Wedding Collection Guide is here walk you through it. You'll know exactly what to expect, and you'll have a pretty wedding suite in your hands before you know it.


    Whether it’s for a wedding suite, a monogram, or any of our products we offer, we can answer any questions you have, and walk you through the process. By the time we finish, you’ll know what to expect and will be ready to place your order. You can easily schedule your call below, and we’ll give you a ring at the selected time.


    Our wedding collection offers a choice of three print methods, as well as two weights and color of paper, and a color palette of twelve ink shades. We think it’s so important to see and touch paper when you’re deciding which of these things to choose!



Our collection offers a range of carefully curated designs that give our clients a cohesive suite from engagement to the wedding day and beyond. We invite you to browse and find the suite that speaks to the unique aesthetic of your wedding day.

Be sure to visit ourembellishments for additional customization options like watercolor, drawings, envelope liners, and wax seals.

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