Beginning the paper process can be overwhelming, but also so exciting! We have made our process as easy as possible, and our Wedding Collection Guide is here walk you through it. You'll know exactly what to expect, and you'll have a pretty wedding suite in your hands before you know it. Let’s get started!



We have curated a collection of diverse suites to suit a range of wedding styles. We invite you to peruse them, and find the one that speaks to your aesthetic and overall feel of your wedding day. You'll notice that each suite includes Save the Dates, Invitation Suites, as well as day-of paper and correspondence.


You found a favorite! Let's make it yours. As you add pieces to your cart, a form will pop up so we can get all the details from you. We need these forms as complete and accurate as possible. That means proofs will be ready for you much sooner! You'll select your ink color from our palette provided on the listing.


Once you submit your order, we receive it and begin work immediately. If we have any questions about your order, we'll reach out! If not, you'll hear from us within 7 business days of placing your order with a digital proof of the pieces you've ordered. Your proof will include all pieces from your order.


You'll have 48 hours after receiving your initial digital proof to respond with any adjustments. You'll have two (free!) chances to do this. Once you have approved, your pieces will be prepared for printing. We'll package and ship your finished pieces, and notify you with shipping information.

If you've ordered a suite that involves custom artwork like a vintage style monogram, a drawing, or a painting, there will be a 3 to 4 week design period added to your overall proofing time. These few weeks ensure the best artwork for your paper suite, and we promise, it’s worth the wait!


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Digital Printing prints smoothly to the paper, with no raised or indented impression. If you run your fingers over it, you'll only feel the slight texture of the paper itself. Digital printing is also known as flat printing.


Letterpress printing is done by creating a plate of your design. That plate is inked with rich matte ink, then pressed into 100% cotton paper, leaving a beautiful, touchable impression of your design. You can feel the indentation when you run your fingers over the printed portion.


Foil printing starts with a sheet of metallic foil, that is then pressed by a metal plate of your design into 100% cotton paper. The result is similar to letterpress. You can feel the impression in the paper. Rather than matte ink, the design is pressed into the paper with shiny metallic foil. 


Each printing method uses the best possible paper for that method. Both paper types are available in single and double ply.



When placing your order, you will notice a drop down asking for your selection of paper weight. Single ply is a substantial, 120 pound paper. Double ply is 240 pound, twice the thickness of single ply. When choosing the paper weight, it is truly a personal preference. We do recommend ordering samples before ordering if you can’t decide between the two.



You will be asked on your order form for your preference of paper color. We offer two colors, White and Ivory. White is a true bright white, while ivory is a soft off-white. Ivory is not a yellow, ecru paper. Both hold ink color extremely well, and your envelopes will match your paper color. Order samples before ordering if you can’t decide between the two.


Below are our twelve ink selections. As you fill out your form for each piece, you will be asked to select your ink color.


Please note, colors may not print as they are seen on screen. We do recommend ordering samples before placing your order if you aren’t sure which color to choose or if you are unsure of how a certain color looks when it is printed. We are happy to send you a sample of the color palette digitally printed.


We lovingly refer to our add-ons as Bells and Whistles. These are optional items you can add to your suite to truly customize your suite.